Sirocco Marine proudly distributes the Williams Jet Tender range from the UK. These are the world’s leading jet tenders and are universally respected by luxury boat owners and fun loving boaters alike. No inflatable boat performs quite like a Williams jet tender. Powered by both petrol and diesel engine options, even the larger Williams models can accelerate from standstill to 40 knots in a matter of seconds.


Since they’re rigid inflatable boats with all the benefits of a solid fiberglass hull, they have the precise handling capabilities and agile performance you need to manage all that performance. As a tender to take you ashore in remote bays, there’s nothing like a Williams. Since the jet propulsion unit has a low draft, you can confidently take a Williams inflatable boat across shallow waters. So if you're in the market for a performance high quality tender, then look no further than the Williams Jet Tender range, you’ll find nothing comes close for quality and performance.






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